Dead Combo

Artist bio

With a sound that has more in common with the legendary spooked out rock and roll beats of Suicide, than the Portuguese band they share a name with, New York City's Dead Combo combine snide and sleazy rock n roll with intense garnishes of electro, acid, sleaze, and punk sensations. Harri Kupiainen (guitar), Leah (drums), and Nuutii Kataja (vocals) don't get off on flashy musicianship. Rather, it is a tried and true cocktail of dirt, grit, and a stiff wall of sound that Dead Combo applies in order to be such a brut force. Minimalist, yet immensely hypnotic, Dead Combo is beginning to catch some rather prestigious eyes. Look for the band on tour this summer alongside The Horrors and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Dead Combo is also currently hard at work recording an album with Mossman (LCD & Primal Scream).