Dax Mafesi

Artist bio

Born in Miami, Florida, Dax Mafesi presents his audiences with songs such as Moves Like James Brown," and "Funk in the Hustle." His fresh sound illuminates the grandness of modern hip-hop, but soulfully transcends that very music that moves and shakes us allfunk music. Dax Mafesi currently resides in LAs music scene, where his music reflects his cultural upbringing. The electric beats, drums, and horn sections of his music have a certain soul about themsort of a Lenny Kravitz meets James Brown feel. The undoubted bass guitar floats simply in the background of it music, but it lingers in a way that sends the roots of Daxs music straight through your bones. The HIP Video Promo staff and Andy Gesner are pleased to introduce this new video for his single, I Love Chocolate Girls.

The storyline of the video is based around a small child and his attraction to chocolate girls. His need to fulfill his desire for chocolate begins in a convenient store parking lot, where his parents leave him in the car as he waits for them to buy him chocolate. This irony is not subtly, and it is clear that Dax has strived to raise some sort of laughter out of his listeners. Of course there is a playful and humor filled notion to this video, in which we see Dax performing on stage with a pair of sunglasses and an all-female rock band. The exterior of his performance may trick you into something that makes you believe that he is not serious, but it is certain, through your bits of smiles and quirky laughs, that there is no denying the funk when it comes to Dax Mafesi and his celebration of strong, independent and beautiful women.