Daniella Mason

Artist bio

Daniella Mason is a passionate and quirky soul-pop artist from Nashville. As a child, Mason spent her life exploring the corners of the Earth with her missionary family. Those years of travel instilled in her a unique perspective that sticks with her to this day and impacts every word she writes, every song she emotes, and every stage she takes. After experiencing just one live performance, you will find yourself immediately in love with the energy she brings to the stage. She has shared the stage with other vibrant acts such as The Civil Wars, Jars of Clay, Joe Jonas, Elenowen, Clark Richard, Gabe Vitek and the Ivory, Steve Moakler, and countless others.

Daniella Mason released her first EP, All but Harsh, in March of last year and is due to release her first full-length album, Throw Me 'Round the World, in July of this year. Mason wrote each song from a different place around the world from Africa to Guatemala. However her words are not excluding; each song is undeniably relatable. "It basically outlines my life and my desire to be thrown, not gently tossed, but thrown around the world so that I can reach as many people as possible."