Daniel Bedingfield

Artist bio

Its been a minute since we last heard from Daniel Bedingfield. The pop singer found sudden stardom with the bedroom produced breakout hit Gotta Get Thru This in 2001. Within a year, Daniel solidified his status as an international pop star with a string of hits including If Youre Not The One and Never Gonna Leave Your Side. Unfortunately, repeated issues with his label delayed the release of new material since his 2004 LP, Second First Impression. Now, emancipated from his former label and operating 100% independently, Daniel is ready to take control of his career and step back into the spotlight.

2012 will see the release of Stop The Traffik, a series of EPs that will challenge the listeners perception of just who Daniel Bedingfield really is. The EPs will present an eclectic mix of rock, dance and soul tracks that showcase the many genres and styles that influence his creative impulses. On April 24th, Daniel will release of the first of those EPs, giving listeners a peak at what Mr. Bedingfield has up his sleeve. From the thumping percussive rhythm of Rocks Off to the Blondie-esk disco rock of Its Not Me Its You, it is immediately obvious that he is taking his audience on quite an adventure.

While releasing this new music without the support of a record label has provided Daniel with the freedom to explore his creative impluses, it has also presented a few challenges. In order to raise the budget necessary to shoot a video for Out Of My Head, the EPs title track and first single, Daniel launched a PledgeMusic campaign and raised the funds from fan pledges. True to the spirit of this experiment in independence, Daniel opened up his life and made a direct connection with his supporters, rewarding their generous support with intimate exclusives like vocal lessons, skydiving trips and the opportunity to join him and a few friends playing strip poker.

Despite the exciting new adventure Daniel is embarking upon this year, his biggest priority has always been raising awareness for his charity Stop The Traffik, the growing global movement of individuals, communities, and organizations fighting to prevent the sale of people and prosecute the traffickers. Daniel plans to associate the charity with his music so that Stop The Traffik can benefit from the attention on him. As such, Stop The Traffik received 15% of the funds he raised via the PledgeMusic fundraiser.
Now, as he embarks on the next phase of his career, Daniel has taken control of his career and is ready show this world who he really is: sexual, provocative, hyperactive, honest, and most importantly genuine.