Culture Cry Wolf

Artist bio

Minneapolis based Culture Cry Wolf have steadily built a following with their eclectic and infectious live show. While most live-band hip-hop acts center on funk or jazz as their sonic roots, Culture Cry Wolf are all over the map, pulling in everything from cumbia to doo-wop to ska and punk.

Botzy's raps and Mike Daly's crooning keep the varied vibe centered, matching the raucous trumpet, guitars, and percussion with upbeat tales of drunken revelry and torrid love affairs. In concert, the six-piece band whips up a wholly unique energy that is hard to define and harder to resist.

Culture Cry Wolf has played countless sold out shows, been nominated as "The Twin Cities Best Band" two years in a row, and shared the stage with the likes of: Macklemore, Cecil Otter, Mac Lethal, Sims, Mr. Dibbs and Soulcrate Music

Most bands adopt musical styles out of an attempt to preempt the next wave of short-term musical revisionism, and then there are the bands that would be making that kind of noise whether it was fashionable or not -- Culture Cry Wolf is firmly among the latter.