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U.K. punk band COUNTERFEIT. exploded onto the London scene in 2015 with their feral debut, "Come Get Some." The band was created by three former members of the Darling Buds. Along with guitarist Tristan Marmont and bassist Roland Johnson, vocalist/guitarist Jamie Campbell Bower wanted to pursue a darker, more aggressive, and cathartic sound. Prior to his career as rock frontman, Bower got his start in acting, starring in Sweeney Todd, the Twilight series, City of Bones, and one of the Harry Potter films. Even as COUNTERFEIT. were recording their debut, he was part of the cast of the London stage production of Bend It Like Beckham. Taking a break from acting, the singer turned his focus to a new, rocking role. Months after their debut, Bower and his founding bandmates incorporated Jimmy Craig on drums and Bower's younger brother Sam on guitar. The quintet released the raw EP Come Get Some in November 2015. The three-song set of in-your-face punk -- like Gallows or the Bronx -- centered around the heavy title track.

Together We Are Stronger COUNTERFEIT.'s brand of no-frills punk carried them across Europe on tour as they prepared their official full-length debut. The resulting Together We Are Stronger was produced by Thomas Mitchener (Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes, Dead!) and released in 2017. The band inked a deal with Republic in 2019 and issued the defiant single "Get Better" in anticipation of the arrival of their upcoming sophomore full-length effort.

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