Colette Carr

Artist bio

What you want, what you need/Is what Ive got/Trust me, sings L.A.-based singer/songwriter Colette Carr, trying to rid her mind of the Static, the first track from Static. Start., her brandnew, four-song EP on the indie Kawaii Nation label. The new release, representing a radical reboot, offers a more vulnerable, emotionally naked honesty that touches on frustrating, one step forward, two steps back relationships (Moments in Love, Walking in Place) before hitting bottom with a Tequila-fueled, self-loathing hangover (3%). The sound is also evolving into what Carr describes as an indie Europop, dance-floor feel, with these four songs the first of over 30 recorded by Colette with producer FrankMusik, a collaboration that forced her to dig deep and expose herself, a theme reflected in the imaging, which includes a photo of Colette covered with nothing but body paint.

Im singing about things I wouldnt even talk about, says the reticent Carr, who otherwise connects with her fans on all the requisite social media. I vowed to grow a pair this time... take chances, reveal my soul, tell stories about my shitty relationships by tapping into areas that might cause pain.

Ask Colette to describe herself and shell respond with a series of descriptive words: Expressive. Optimistic. Artful. Accepting. Free. Surprising. Hones. Bold. Quirky.