Artist bio

A twelve-year-old Cobi had no idea when he spent his weekends singing
the blues at dive bars in Northern Minnesota that one day he would share
the stage with the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna. All he knew was that music
made him feel more alive than anything else in this world and that he
dreamed of moving out of his small town and to a big city.

Cobi grew up in in a small town in northern Minneosota, where his mothers boyfriend not only introduced Cobi to the classics but also
taught him to play the guitar. The two formed a blues band when Cobi turned
twelve, playing covers at local pubs and soon touring the state together.
Cobis natural talent paired with his unusual childhood as a touring blues
teenager impressed the admissions board of a highly regarded Minneapolis
arts high school and Cobi moved to the city at sixteen to study music. He
continued his music career with a scholarship to Berklee College of Music
in Boston, which is where he met the members of Gentlemen Hall.

Cobi is best known for his six years spent in Boston band Gentlemen
Hall, a synth heavy alternative rock band signed to Mercury Records that
enjoyed success in the sync world- boasting placements in Target and
Samsung advertisements along with many television placements . He left the
band in 2014 to move West, following his heart and desire to play blues. He
found success with his single 'Walk Through The Fire", a track that gained
momentum in the blogosphere, climbing to the top of the Hype Machine charts
and amassing hundreds of thousands of views in a very short amount of time.
Industry veteran Lyor Cohen noticed and signed Cobi to new label *300
Entertainment *alongside Grammy nominated artists Fetty Wap and Highly