Clare and the Reasons

Artist bio

First, Clare writes songs. Then she brings them to the Reasons' test lab. There, the songs are submitted to a series of intense treatments and tests until they become what some people call: lush and sinfully beautiful. This process named in the scientific community Reasonitis Polymorpheus Synthesis or RPS, lead to the making of The Movie (Frogstand Records) their debut album. (no known side effects. FDA approval pending).

But who is this Clare anyway?

She was born on the island of Martha's Vineyard, in a vegetable garden amongst the most incredible tomatoes grown by her mother Sheila. Her father, music innovator Geoff Muldaur, introduced her to artists such as Mildred Bailey, Bessie Smith and Sam Cooke. Clare rode hundreds and hundreds of horses and listened to these inspiring musicians on her walkman while working in the barn.

One day, she rode her horse all the way to Berklee College of Music. With a handsome scholarship she was able to study jazz arranging and composition. There, she met now long time collaborator Olivier Manchon. On their first encounter, he made her cry and then they got married.

But who are The Reasons?

Alan Hampton, Olivier Manchon, Christopher Hoffman, Beth Meyers,Greg Ritchie and Bob Hart can be found in Brooklyn, NY. Most of the time, they are rehearsing, singing harmony vocals, pretending that their string trio is an orchestra, or playing very embarrassing football (the real name of soccer) in Prospect Park while discussing how to get endorsed by big sports gear corporations.

The Movie, was released September 2007 to glowing reviews. Atop an orchestra of plucked strings and backed by a complementary chorus of Reasons, Clare Muldaur's knee-buckling voice sings a bittersweet but ultimately uplifting song about the now-dwarf planet Pluto. 'Cheer up, Pluto,' she croons, 'the stars still love you, and we down here do, too.' Coupling this sort of charm with Muldaur's gorgeous voice, equally gorgeous orchestration, and a nice list of contributors. -Pitchfork. It was released in Europe through Fargo Records in August 2008. It features guests such as Van Dyke Parks, Gregoire Maret, Sufjan Stevens and an augmented string section of nothing but the best string players in the universe.

You can hear Clare sing 2 songs on the Fox show Arrested Development. She also has songs in 2 Lion's Gate films. Most recently, her song Cactus Tree, can be heard in an HBO show. Clare and Olivier have toured together in Japan, Ireland, France and the US of A.

In September 2007, Clare and the Reasons did a compact European tour and ate really good food, they returned to the UK and to France in early December 2007 for a tour supporting St. Vincent, Joseph Arthur and the amazing Duke Special, as well as headlining their own shows. They also appeared on the BBC's Culture Show in July.
Starting in August 2008 they toured the UK, Europe and all over the USA through the fall with My Brightest Diamond, 4 moths in all! - frog stand records