Christina Rubino

Artist bio

Hailing from Brooklyn NY and growing up in a big family, her mother, being Irish Catholic and her father, an Italian-immigrant, Christina Rubino was raised with her 7 siblings. Though she only realized her passion for music during her teenage years, it didnt stop her from writing songs at the age of only 17. Starting with the guitar, she began playing within groups as a vocalist and rhythm guitarist.

In 2008, Rubino joined the all-female group Violator, a NYC based Depeche Mode cover band, as the lead guitarist. Throughout her time with the band, she loved the excitement of travel and live performance, but always longed to return to making original music. 2009 marked the transition by members of Violator to Josephine, an all-female trio in which Rubino, lead vocals and guitars, wrote and collaborated with drummer Tracy Thompkins (Aerial Love Feed, Violator) and bassist Leigh Regan (Violator). After releasing an EP with Josephine in 2009 under Feed that Baby Records, Rubino went on to write and record her debut solo record, Alive From The Scrap Heap in 2014 before returning to the studio for her 2016 Godspeed & Guns release.

After receiving rave feedback and reviews from the likes of The Nashville Music Guide, Indie Artist Alliance, Pop Dose Magazine, The Examiner, and plenty more, the songwriter is not new to being an acclaimed indie artist.

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