Charming Liars

Artist bio

Charming Liars is a British/American rock band, based in Los Angeles, California originally founded in London, England.

As teens growing up in London, England, the talented musicians and songwriters that make up the core of this dynamic new rock band were shaken to their young souls by the crunching guitar riffs and memorable melodies that came out of the hard rock capital of the world, namely, Los Angeles.

The impact on these impressionable music lovers was so powerful that they took the profoundly bold step of pulling up stakes, waving goodbye to the security of friends, family and a university education to follow their dream of becoming the next big thing by moving to Los Angeles epicentre of American rock and roll for more than 45 years.

For the Londoners that are now the nucleus of Charming Liars, the move has paid dividends in ways even the most prescient or optimistic person could have imagined. The band landed a recording contract, earned a chance to work along side two of the most influential producers of the past quarter century John Fields and Canadas Bob Rock, and more recently, a slot on the Fourth-Annual Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival tour, playing along side some of the biggest alternative rock acts on the planet. In October 2013, Charming Liars released a four- song EP called New Disorder (available now on iTunes), which is a powerful and compelling teaser for the debut Charming Liars full-length album which will be hitting stores in the Spring of 2014.
The songs on the EP: New Disorder (title track and first video twbOiu6IO8), Im Losing You, Break Away, Wasted, are bold, anthemic songs that bristle with restless urgency and passionate optimism.

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