Chains of Love

Artist bio

All Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Chains Of Love had serendipitous beginnings. The members of Chains of Love were actually all close friends before forming in December of 2010 but all belonging to different projects varied within the garage rock scene. Despite the variation of sound between projects, there was always a common factor, "Little Red Sounds Studios."

Felix Fung being the owner/operator of the studio is usually behind recording most if not all garage/punk bands in Vancouver, Little Red Sounds became somewhat of a haven for young musicians in the city and Clint Lofkrantz being one of them. After many years of working simultaneously with each other, guitarist Clint Lofkrantz brought up the idea of starting a "Girl Group", that radiated Spector sounds, featured motown basslines, and was heavy in percussion. He presented this to Felix and together they sorted the players as such:

Steve Ferrrera, who is hands down the busiest drummer on the west coast tapping out at 5 bands; Henry Beckwith on piano reminding us of how beautiful a piano should sound; Rebecca Marie Law Gray who's harmonies and guitar complete almost every song; and lastly Nathalia Pizarro to front what would become Chains Of Love with her unique sense in style and eccentric voice.

With the talent in place, Chains started by referencing certain artists such as Gail Harris, Ike & Tina, The Ronnettes, and The Shangri-la's by using their lo-fi recording styles as a blueprint for what they wanted to hear in music today. Chains of love has effectively bridged the gap between the nostalgic pop sounds of the 60's with a modern and elegant twist.