Artist bio

Caverns is a modern rock band from the heart of New York City consisting of Nicola Wincenc, Russell Holzman, Lucio Westmoreland, Isaac Sleator, and Nick Katz.

Caverns was founded in February of 2012 by Nicola Wincenc. The group has spent the past two years writing, recording, and honing in on their skills live, most recently at their summer residency at NYC's most legendary rock venue, The Bitter End, as well as other venues such as The Studio at Webster Hall, The Shapeshifter Lab, Spike Hill, and The Knitting Factory. When the quartet was featured in Twelv Magazine, they were described as "The insolent grandchildren of the 70s" and "Little terrors (that) have a knack for toe-curling guitar lines and heavy psychedelic grooves."