Cat Martino

Artist bio

Cat Martino is a voice emerging that draws you in by its natural strength and intimacy. Playing the guitar and piano while looping her voice and various instruments, Cat creates ethereal and edgy sonic soundscapes for her songwriting. While she calls her original style "some kind of soul", the music in the studio and onstage stems from Cat's early ear for harmony.

Rumor has it, Cat Martino's birth father was a guitar player from Texas and that she was mouthing melodies before words. Fact is, Cat was adopted into the Martino family of Pizza Makers in Long Island, New York. Riding in the Oldsmobile backseat, the girl was always singing harmonies to the 8 tracks from times past. She played the piano, ate pizza, and preferred making up ditties and conducting neighborhood circuses to sitting still.

Studying English and Music at Rutgers College, Cat Martino also discovered her love for dance and choreography, finding it to be an expressive way to paint pictures with movement. She taught herself piano and guitar, wearing out beloved mix tapes of Joni Mitchell, Otis Redding and the Pixies.

Now, in the summer of 2011, fresh off a world tour with Sufjan Stevens, the songstress is readying the release of her forthcoming sophomore record, Yr Not Alone.