Candy Claws

Artist bio

Candy Claws is a "dream pop" recording project from Fort Collins, CO, USA. Ryan produces the music in his home studio called Flashy Storm, and is joined by Karen and Kay on vocals.

Candy Claws explores the wonders of our natural world through the lenses of mid-century lounge music, 60s pop, 70s nature documentary soundtracks, a single 80s drum fill, 90s shoegaze, and modern sampling techniques.

Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time" (June 25, 2013) is the bands third album, a journey through the Mesozoic Era, divided into thirds to match the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. Notable collaborations on this album include lyrics by Chicago poet Jenn Morea and orchestrations by New York composer Bryan Senti.

2010s "Hidden Lands" is a musical companion to the 1970 book The Secret Life of the Forest" by Richard M. Ketchum. Each song contains a sample of every other song on the album. Can you find them all?

2009s "In the Dream of the Sea Life" is a musical companion to Rachel Carsons 1951 book, The Sea Around Us," and is permeated by ocean sounds recorded in Italy and the Philippines.

Other Candy Claws releases include a soundtrack for their "Dreamland" video series, a compilation of annual holiday recordings called "Warm Forever," a singles/b-sides collection called "Glacier Prey," a Starflyer 59 cover song, and their first release ever - an alternate soundtrack to Werner Herzogs film The White Diamond" - called "Two Airships / Exploder Falls." (All of these can be streamed for free at

For live shows, Ryan, Karen, and Kay are joined by Meghan and Riley. The band has toured the world once virtually, the US twice in reality, found themselves in Canada during a heat wave, and appeared a few years in a row at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX. They are currently signed to New Yorks twosyllable records.

Ryan also experiments with nature photography, which you can find on this blog. Hopefully, the pictures look how the music sounds.

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To get in touch, write to: hello at candyclaws dot com