Buke and Gase

Artist bio

Buke & Gase came blazing back last May with the song "Hiccup," an amuse-bouche meant to tickle the palate and get people excited about their upcoming full-length. The track garnered a "Best New Track" from Pitchfork, who said, "it's not hard to imagine a crowd marching behind singer Arone Dyer, punching the air...and echoing along with her mobilising, bodily cry." But rather than deliver the entre just yet, they've got an appetizer to further stir the senses. Enter: the "Function Falls" EP. The band had the opportunity to cover New Order's "Blue Monday" for a recent Radiolab episode about colors, which randomly inspired a creative personal challenge: write a song per day during the course of one week. Though the band fell a bit short, they ended up with three songs they liked, which, along with "Blue Monday," they'll be releasing on this digital-only EP on September 11th via Brassland.

The first track off the EP, "Misshaping Introduction," came about through improvisation with the band's singular and homemade musical equipment and a computer. The vocals were largely improvised, resulting in a slight lyrical disintegration. After enlightening the end of the song with actual lyrics, however, it turned out to be more of a dessert dish, perhaps a warm olive oil cake, topped with shaved 80% dark chocolate, candied pignolas, and a light dusting of sea salt.