Artist bio

John Jagos, the brain behind and sole member of Brothertiger, doesnt aspire to be anything other than himself. His tunes are ostensibly chillwave, but with a sparkling melodic sense that sets them apart from other artists under that umbrella. Since the projects beginning during Jagos freshman year at Ohio University, Brothertiger has developed a nuanced sound that attempts to blend the human and animal elements suggested by its name. As a live performer in the Athens house party scene, hes gained a reputation for intense joyfulness. Recorded, his songs are more precious, with details and ideas that only reveal themselves with repeated listens. Buoyed by his voice - which contains both adult timbre and youthful disposition - Jagos songs combine layered, interweaving electronics with warm, satisfying melodies. Hes been releasing them at a fever pitch, earning favorable press from places like Pitchfork Media and the Fader while preparing his first full length less than two years after he began. Yet even with this gathering momentum, Brothertiger maintains a personal humility and unassuming nature that echoes the subtle exuberance of his music.