Broke Royals

Artist bio

Fresh off an intense US tour behind their Saini Luxury LP. DC's Broke Royals have finally found lhe time to bring !heir sound to life onscreen, and further build upon the mythology of their wayward savior. Philip Basnight and Colin Cross spent the last year creating a record that The Washington Post called "an album of pristine pop-rock," and Atwood Magazine proclaimed "an expressive, high-octane sound. All the tracks, but this one especially, are leave-your-seal blasts of anthemic, heartland guitar rock laced with hooky, soulful melodies. It's the story of newfound. unexpected freedom - and, in reliable Broke Royals fashion, doesn't shy away from the good or the bad. Billboard called Broke Royals sound "sing-along, arena-ready," and this track is no exception.