Breathe Carolina

Artist bio

Since first bursting on to the scene in 2008, Breathe Carolina has struck an inimitable alchemy between electronic music and rock. It's that delicate balance, which consistently vaulted them ahead of the proverbial curve and into a lane of their own. With new album Savages (Fearless Records), the dance floor gets wild.

Savages debuted at #1 on Billboard's Dance/Electronic Albums chart and the 4-piece act (David Schmitt, Luis Bonet, Tommy Cooperman and Eric Armenta) kicked off their residency at the legendary TAO in Las Vegas earlier this year.

This past summer, Breathe Carolina took on the the main stage at Warped Tour ending their set daily with 2011's smash hit, "Blackout". Soon after, Breathe Carolina collaborated with DJ act Candyland on the track "Find Someone" and the duo launched a cross-country trek, the "Friend Zone Tour", in late 2014.

The band's latest effort taps into the same unbridled energy that's turned millions of listeners into followers, but it's even more frenetic this time around. With Sirius XM BPM spinning "Find Someone" and Breathe Carolina's "Vermillion" Remix, the dance floor's emerging leaders are louder than ever.