Artist bio

Boxharp is singer Wendy Allen and engineer/producer Scott Solter. Allen and Solter moved to the quiet, lonely, rural atmosphere of the American South in 2006. Allen says, We moved there for the space and the solitude and we were unprepared for how much of that we got. This album reflects the experience. Themes of nameless grief that run through my family roots in the Virginia mountains make up a large part of the lyrical content.

Allen has played and toured with several bands since the start of the decade, including The Court and Spark, Tarantel, Paula Frasier (of Tarnation), William Lazarus, and Howard Hello, as well as writing film scores for small indie film projects. She is a member of The Balustrade Ensemble.

As a producer, recordist and mixer, Solter has worked with numerous indie artists, including Erik Friedlander, Spoon, The Mountain Goats, John Vanderslice, Lazarus, The Forms, Pattern is Movement, Superchunk, Okkervil River, Liam Singer, and St Vincent. Solter has released two solo albums, The Brief Light on Manifold Records (2003) and One River on Tell-All Records (2005). He has also executed a number of remixes, including the full-lengths Scott Solter Re-Populates The Caribbean (Hidden Shoal, 2009), Scott Solter Remixes Pixel Revolt in Analog (digital download, 2007), Canonic: Scott Solter Plays Pattern is Movement (Home-Tapes 2006), and MGM Endings/Cellar Door Remixes (Artichoke, 2004), as well as remixes for Division Day, Voices Voices, and Neon Indian, among others. He is a member of The Balustrade Ensemble and produced 2007s Capsules for Dynamophone Records.