Artist bio

Bosco has been hard at work prepping a new EP, which is entitled Let Go of Me, for release on 3/6/2012. This labor of love is a mixture of plush, warm synths, glimmering guitar, and tribal rhythms, all carried by the wonderful vocal stylings of Brittany Bosco. Brittany has been delving into many different genres of art since her 2-year hiatus from music. Her emotional and artistic exploration led her to a few Atlanta musicians who seemingly had very different musical influences: Ira G. (a dj/hip-hop/r&b producer who produced two tracks on Bosco's Pacer EP), Shane Orange, Jonathan Merenivitch, and Carlton Knight (three members of Atlanta post punk/soul quartet Tendaberry). After playing a few fantastic shows together, Brittany asked the four other gents to join her on a new musical venture. Bosco was formed. Building on her unique genre-bending trademark, Bosco melds together trip-hop, experimental soul, indie pop, and post punk into a delectable treat for any listener. Bosco's first single "Joker" is a prime example of their ability to trigger emotion, building intensity to its apex, then surprising the listener with an unexpected, yet totally fulfilling release. The band is preparing to set out on the road to introduce their brand of expression to the masses.