Blue Healer

Artist bio

Born out of the belief that music should be fun, Blue Healer cruised into the Austin scene in 2015 with the ease of your first high school set of wheels - the wheels you got to second-base in on a neon-tinged Friday night. Mixing distorted upright bass, shimmering guitar, analog synths, and drums, the Texas native trio blends a unique mesh of indie rock and dance sounds with the familiar fabric of classic songwriting. Picture the face of pop accessibility with the teeth of basement rock n' roll - the songs sink in and don't let go.

Before they formed Blue Healer, members David Beck (bass/guitar/vox), Bryan Mammel (keys/vox) and Dees Stribling (drums/vox) all played and toured nationally together in previous projects, including Austin-based Sons of Fathers, where David was a primary singer and writer.

With excitement towards the release of their debut album, the band explains "We've all been playing music for awhile now, but Blue Healer is different. When we bought a keyboard at Goodwill, borrowed some gear from friends, and started this project, we had no clue we'd be onstage at ACL in only a year and a half. We made this record straight from our hearts and we really hope you enjoy listening to it."

Blue Healer creates a big, unforgettable live performance that you won't want to miss.