Bling Kong

Artist bio

(Baeble Music usually tries to write original bios for our bands, but we figured this group's press kit was too good to pass up. Here's the abridged version.)

Bow to your master when BLING KONG calls! We are the first rock extravaganza built around 4 cheerleaders, 3 drummers, 2 guitarists, bassist and a video Ninja. We're the queens and kings of all things awesome and our foray into world domination begins now, with our first EP Do the Awesome.

This phenomenon started when a pile of us got loaded, came up with an idea to design a clothing line and design to start a band to promote this line. No one really remembers why we needed cheerleaders; it just made sense. And all 3 drummers are absolutely necessary to get y'all's asses a-shakin'...

But this is just the beginning. We'll be touring this fall in support of Do the Awesome as well as recording a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' rock opera/full length album due for release this spring. Come out and join us!