Blind Benny

Artist bio

"I'm obsessed with human behavior. I live vicariously through everyone." says Jade, principal songwriter and vocalist of the duo Blind Benny. Jade, a born and raised New Yorker, developed her skills singing in her Fathers church and while attending the La Guardia School of Performing Arts. She originally performed solo as "Jade<3," and released a critically lauded EP, It's My Heart, Cookie. The vision and passion that created Its My Heart, Cookie continues to evolve and craft her music today.

The other half of Blind Benny is guitarist and producer Jonathan Carmelli. Jonathan was accepted to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, yet stayed in the city to pursue Blind Benny with Jade. "We met in a funk band a few of my friends from high school put together. Jade pulled me aside and asked me if I wanted to play and create something completely different."

After Jonathan produced the bulk of the tracks on It's My Heart, Cookie, they had started to shape a sound they both wanted to play, but didn't necessarily fit the scene they were in. After changing their name, rebranding themselves, and dubbing their genre as "world rock," the duo has stepped out as Blind Benny with a new EP, No Honor.

Blind Benny will sweet-talk your heart, rip it out of your chest, pull it on stage, and walk away leaving you with bittersweet conflict as to why you hadn't discovered them sooner. This eclectic rock band with melodies you'll be singing well after the song is over has so effortlessly made rock pop while managing to capture the soul. Whether it be an acoustic or electric performance, the energy is explosive. "Our goal is to make the kind of 'headphone music' that moves you; the music you listen to when you want to feel something. We are less concerned with the flavor of the month. When you come and see us live, we throw you the hardest most intense live roller coaster of emotions you can handle. It's nothing personal...excuse us, it's all personal."