Black Moth Super Rainbow

Artist bio

Black Moth Super Rainbow started in 2003 as a solo project by frontman/songwriter TOBACCO. After putting together a live band by the end of the year, the sound of BMSR was slowly brewing until its breakout in 2007. From having a shining SXSW, to touring with the Flaming Lips, and then Aesop Rock, it was ultimately the release of BMSR's 3rd LP, "Dandelion Gum" that brought it all together. The press described it as "Daft Punk does 'Strawberry Fields Forever'" and that still remains a pretty good doorway description of BMSR's sound. They released the slightly more band-oriented "Eating Us" in 2009 (produced by Dave Fridmann) and then just kind of disappeared for a few years. TOBACCO went off with his more solo "solo" project and enlisted the like-minded Beck for the 2010 TOBACCO album "Maniac Meat," which took the Black Moth sound and microwaved it in a bowl of chicken grease, on HIGH.
Now that the break is over, BMSR is back with a new focus, one that's maybe a little more sour than sweet, and a 5th LP called "Cobra Juicy."
Back to being recorded completely solo, "Cobra Juicy" is a more balanced affair with as many demon skater anthems as there are lush, pretty moments. It's also an experiment in going as far over to the pop side as possible without tearing through the wall.