Birds and Batteries

Artist bio

Birds & Batteries is the experimental indie-pop of Mike Sempert, Christopher Walsh, Jill Heinke based out of the Bay Area of California.

B&B deliver rare visions and bold inventions, powerful tunes that meld the personal and the cosmic, analog &digital: music of shared worlds. Their 4th LP, "Stray Light" is on its way and contains songwriter, Mike Sempert's most inspired songs, and the clarity of an almost impossibly bright future.

Birds & Batteries are on a steady rise with sold out local shows, national tours, and a brand new EP called "Unfold". The EP is four energetic yet heavy tracks and one slow-mo reprise fueled by the complexities of love and conflict in a digital age. The raw turmoil of the Unfold EP is like the storm before the calm, which will give way to the distilled clarity of Stray Light, B&B's upcoming full-length, due summer of 2012.

Birds & Batteries' albums have consistently received critical acclaimed and their live show continues to win people over all over the United States.

They've shared the stage with Peter Wolf Crier, Laarks, The Cave Singers, Tapes n' Tapes, Two Gallants, Clues, Janelle Monae, The Besnard Lakes, White Williams, Telegraph Canyon, Movitz, Memory Tapes and many more.