Big Tree

Artist bio

Once upon a time, five fresh-faced and naive students ventured to Sarah Lawrence College, where each one imagined all of his and her hopes and dreams would come true. As fate would have it, all five enrolled in the jazz program where they learned about tritone substitutions and how to hold their whiskey. Each night the music building would stay open until 2am, where they would practice their instruments until security locked up the building and sent them home. Never ready to say good night, the five friends would stay up a few hours more listening to records and sharing ideas in a smoky dorm room where the inspiration never ran dry.

On one of these nights, Kaila admitted she wrote pop songs when she wasnt trying to figure out the overwhelming complexities of jazz theory. She played a few of these songs to her friends, and they picked up their instruments and played along. The band soon formed, rehearsals were scheduled, and tours were booked. They recorded a self-titled debut album in living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms, and self-released it in 2008.

After a couple years of success on their SLC campus and around New York City, the band began to fall apart. After graduation, the band members were confronted with the harsh realities of real life; jobs got in the way of rehearsals, new friends became more exciting than old ones, and it was impossible to get five people on the same page. Two of the band members went on to pursue their own projects, leaving the rest of the group momentarily unsure if they could or should continue on as Big Tree.

But the same fate that brought together these five friends at Sarah Lawrence would soon reveal that Big Tree wasnt finished yet. The organic magic that lead to the bands formation and dissolution presented a new guitar player and harmonizer at an opportune moment. The new bandmates hopped on board, and suddenly the adventures, rehearsals, new songs, and shows kept coming.

Three years, three cross-country tours, two full length albums, one Daytrotter Session, one NYC Deli Magazine Band of the Month title, and over 200 incredible shows later, Big Tree is still growing and expanding with the release of their second full length album This New Year.

This New Year finds the band expanding on a sound that is "a difficult one to classify, but an easy one to enjoy" (FencePost). It is infectious pop music splashed with colorful harmonies, driven by pulsing rhythms, unique time signatures, group vocals, and poetic quirky imagery. Kaila McIntyre-Bader, Luke Bace, Colin Fahrner, Dan Pirello, and Anna Ghezzi have been called "fiercely talented" (Prarie Dog) and "remarkably captivating" (Magnet Magazine). Big Tree is growing roots on both the East and West Coasts, touring in a vegetable oil van and leaving a trail of blissful celebration in its wake.