Beth Ditto

Artist bio

Ditto was raised in the small Arkansas town of Judsonia. "People ask me where I get my
confidence," she says. "Talk to my mother. Her mom was superhuman: a nurse who was single
and raising eight children. Dittos dad was a honky-tonk sound man who, when it was his
weekend, would take her to work, hop her up on Black Jack gum and Cherry Coke, and
teach her to two-step with her feet on his boots. Ditto lit out of town at age 18 along with her
future band mates, and settled in the musical hub of Olympia, Washington.

"I was running away from the bad parts of Southern culture," recalls Ditto. "I'm old
enough now and so grateful for my family that I can finally embrace the good in where I grew
up." The lyrics of Fake Sugar are full of such allusions, from rhymes cribbed from schoolyard
handclap games to slang like "Yankee dime" (a kiss).