Battle Tapes

Artist bio

Battle Tapes is an electro synth rock band based in Los Angeles, California, formed in late 2010. The band consists of Josh Boardman (vocals/guitar/synth), Riley Mackin (keyboardist/vocals), Stephen Bannister (bass guitar) and Beak Wing (drums/ percussion). Battle Tapes is known for its live performances, fully sequenced light show and integrating electro and indie influences into its music and image.
Battle Tapes released their first LP, Polygon in late 2015. After much success with their Sweatshop Boys EP, the band gives fans and critics alike a glimpse into the future of Battle Tapes. Driving guitars, huge synths, and pounding kick drums underneath pop melody and hooks are at the core of their debut effort.
Battle Tapes have been featured on radio stations KCRW and ALT 98.7; various movie trailers, TV shows, and video games, including 'Girls (HBO), 'Grand Theft Auto
V (Rockstar Games), 'Lucifer (Fox), 'Now You See Me 2 (Summit) and 'Need for Speed 2015 (EA Games).