Basement Batman

Artist bio

Whhaaamm! Bam! Kapow! To the Batcave! In Basement Batmans case, their 'Batcave is their basement studio in Bushwick where the band has just completed their debut album, 'Season 1'. Basement Batman is doing things a bit different than most, bringing you 'Season 1' in 4 different episodes over the coming months. These arent some crime show CSI episodes, thoughtheyre more along the lines of Breaking Bad showing you the extreme diversity of the band and its influences with each episode. With musical influences ranging from The Beatles to Kanye, drums from Hip Hops golden-age, and their parents disco records you can really see what Basement Batman is all about.

Basement Batman recently played Brooklyn Bowl for a 'Battle of the Bands show presented by Silver Sound where they won a $10k music video project collaboration with Justin Kramer, the director of Portugal, The Mans 'All Your Light song. In line with the release of each episode, Basement Batman will be playing several shows over the coming months, starting with Glasslands on February 22nd with Team Genius, Eco Puppet, and Denora.

In addition, the band has recorded and filmed their first single, On A Streak from Episode 1 in Converses Rubber Track Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.