Ballerina Black

Artist bio

Driving Mope-Rock could be one way to describe their sound,
Grave-Wave may be another. Regardless of the sonic hemispheres,
the paradoxes that exist in the Los Angeles based quartet Ballerina Black are startling. Singer-songwriter Moynahan seems to be incapable of
answering band and music related inquiries without delivering a
hyper-metaphoric, stream of conscious response that's ironically
focused and congruent. This is ever-present lyrically as well. "Tears
and fury are not that distant of relatives,.. and sometimes funerals
are fun to dance at". The first full length (Cattle Arithmetic) was released in 2010. Soon after the band opened up for the likes of Silversun Pickups and Interpol at LA Greek Theater. Ballerina Black embellished on their sound releasing the first of a series of EPs in late 2012 under the division
titled Injureless. "Maybe if Nirvana had decided to do covers of the
Cure?,.. might come close to hitting some planet of reference in the
Black universe surrounding these guys sound". What is apparent, the
refreshingly austere catchy-ness of Ballerina Blacks message. But the
biggest mystery still remains... how long is it going to take the rest
of the world to start freaking out about this band?