Artist bio

San Francisco producer and multi-instrumentalist Auralponics (real name: Connor Julian Irias) greatest dream growing up was to be a professional jazz drummer and symphony percussionist. When injuries from a car accident forced those dreams to the sidelines back in 2009, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Determined to make a life in music, he redirected his energy toward recording, engineering, producing, and DJing, taking inspiration from electronic artists such as Infected Mushroom and Boards of Canada while also learning to sing. In 2014, he began working with Los Angeles funk/pop band B00TY, which not only provided an opportunity for him to develop his production and performance chops, but also allowed him to truly appreciate the thrill of collaborative music-making.

Soon after, the Auralponic project was born. Following all these years of education and healing, the drumsticks are back in full force, delivering deep and crispy live electronic beats over groovy, soulful music that draws inspiration from all over the worldoften incorporating fellow Los Angeles-based musicians both onstage and in the studio. Current collaborators on the Auralponic project include vocalists Tribes (Veronica Ramirez), Nina Herzog, and Solange Kupersmid, guitarist Dylan Robin, and producer/DJ/drummer duo IANYAN.

Although Auralponic is primarily focused on creating original music, covers and remixes are certainly fair game as well. Recently, his music received increased attention when record label / beatmaker collective Team Supreme selected his remix of Penthouse Penthouse & Bobby Saints 69 Camaro for their Vol. 131 cypher. Artists that combed through the submissions included Mr. Carmack, Djemba Djemba, Great Dane, AWE, Two Fresh, LION KNGS, and more.

With previous performances at DUST (Desert Underground Sound Trust) VI and Jungle Space Party in the rearview, and several releases (including a full-length album) on the way, Auralponic has been growing some new sounds and the harvest is sure to be delicious.