August 8

Artist bio

Currently residing in southern California, 21 year old August Eight became inspired by music and the arts at the early age of eight. While being educated in an environment supportive of creativity Eight picked up several talents, ranging from guitar and drums to photography and design. He continues to apply these skills in pursuance of a career on stage. However, as traditional academics became the focus later in school, Eight was forced to explore his true passions further on his own, something the aspiring singer takes pride in. The primarily self-taught August Eight credits his openness towards different genres and artistic mediums to his time spent traveling the world and observing other cultures. Drawing inspiration from music of past decades, specifically soul, Eight translates his vision into lyric and rhythm. He often describes his writing process as "turning a picture into a song." A believer in not setting limits to what one is capable of, Eight is the brains behind his graphics, photos, website and perhaps most impressive, all means necessary to produce, mix and record his music. This all takes place in Eight's private, self-built, studio in the hills of Los Angeles. With plans to release his first official solo project this summer, August Eight has been relentlessly writing and producing tracks for the EP. A release date has been set, fittingly so, for August 8th, 2011