Army Navy

Artist bio

Off the success of Army Navys self-released debut album, the band entered 2010 with their strongest batch of songs to date and were able to self-finance the recording of their second album. With a strong vision of the album in mind, they once again called upon producer and engineer Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Yo La Tengo, Helium) to help bring these songs to life.

We felt like we had all grown individually, and as a group and we wanted that to show on this recording, songwriter and frontman Justin Kennedy said. We were more confident in the studio and as a band. I felt more open to write the most personal songs I have ever written. The band worked for six months recording, mixing and pouring their hearts into the process, creating an album with intricate arrangements, beautiful sounds, layered melodies, tight harmonies and full of catchy hooks. We had created a sound that was super unique, and our focus, creativity and inspiration had created something bigger than all of us a classic pop masterpiece! said producer Adam Lasus. The album is The Last Place.

Army Navy was born in the bedroom of Justin Kennedy, who in his early days played with Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) in Seattles Pinwheel. Having relocated to Los Angeles after Pinwheel broke up, Kennedy began focusing on his new project and started assembling members for Army Navy. Multi-instrumentalist Louie Schultz joined swiftly after hearing Kennedys home demos. Without a permanent sticks man at the time of recording the first album, Army Navys album boasted drumming by the legendary Pete Thomas of Elvis Costello and The Attractions, who had been a longtime fan of the band. Army Navy soon found their permanent drummer Douglas Randall.

The past few years were very exciting for the independent band. Army Navy released their first album (produced by Adam Lasus) on their own label, The Fever Zone, in 2008 and quickly garnered great admiration from fans and in the press. The quartets first single, My Thin Sides, which was paired with a hilarious video featuring Paul Scheer of Human Giant, took the blogosphere by storm. The second single, Saints, was the prestigious Single Of the Week on iTunes Australia and was released on the UKs Fierce Pandas Club Fandango Label. Stateside, it gained radio rotation on tastemaker stations like KEXP and KNRK and satellite radios indie-leaning XMU station.

The band found success in the placement world as well. The indie rock date-flick Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist prominently featured two Army Navy songs, one of the songs being an exclusive track for the soundtrack, alongside artists like Vampire Weekend, Modest Mouse and The National. They have also been featured in the Shrek Forever After theatrical trailer, Beastly film and soundtrack, The Bachelor ABC TV commercial, and shows like: Weeds, The OC, Numbers, Greek, and many more.

Over the past few years the band have taken their dynamic live show on the road supporting such groups as The Lemonheads, Arctic Monkeys, The Dodos, The Soft Pack, The Like, and Cut Copy, as well as explosive shows at SXSW, CMJ and the UKs Truck festival. The band was even asked to be musical guests on the short-lived Tonight Show with Conan OBrien.

The band is currently looking for the right home for this new record that was just mastered by Greg Calbi and are excited to get back out and play these new songs to audiences in 2011!