Ariel Rubin

Artist bio

In search of new soundscapes, singer/songwriter Ariel Rubin recently packed everything into her 25 year old Toyota truck and moved from the Canadian west coast across the continent to Boston. Now, nestled among some of America's largest cities, her coastal childhood continues to inform a sound that is deeply rooted in jazz, folk and roots traditions.

Ariel's music is diverse in style and content. Her songs have been compared to the folk-pop ballads of Feist and Regina Spektor and to the throwback Motown style of artists like Adele. With a gentle charisma and disarmingly humble stage presence, Ariel draws a wide variety of listeners. While she plays baritone, tenor and concert ukulele with a seriousness that is both rare and impressive, it is the strength and impact of her voice that resonates strongest with fans.