Ariana and the Rose

Artist bio

New York native Ariana and the Rose has a stellar knack for channeling the fantastic, the otherworldly, and the heartfelt into her music. Her latest EP Retrograde was heralded by Billboard for being lyrically sincere, sonically enveloping synth-pop, and was placed on iTuness New Indie section as well as Spotifys Indie Pop Chillout and New Music Friday playlists in the UK, Portugal, and Canada. With her richly emotional storytelling and enthralling visuals, Ariana aspires to make you dance with feeling as you enter her world.

Welcomed by critics as a cosmic fusion of Kate Bush and Robyn, Ariana finds ways to expand her world through collaboration. Last year, she teamed up with the girls of the Moxi roller skate team for the music video of her single Supercool. The video went on to be viewed over 770k times and streamed over 425k times, numbers that are a testament to a song that Record of the Day calls dark but [...] filled with glamour at the same time, designed to take you off into another world when you hit the dancefloor. Its no wonder that such a song would go off to be synced in an advertisement for Too Faced Cosmetics Better Than Sex mascara, which has accumulated over 3M views.

Following the success of Supercool, Ariana collaborated with electro-R&B duo RKCB to release her first single of 2017, Love You Lately. Since its release, this poignant duet on heartbreak has recorded over 1 M video views in under 3 months and over 650k streams on Spotify. The story of Ariana as a writer of real love songs persists, as Noisey applauded her ability to capture the sting of relationship disintegration with this latest single.

An Ariana and the Rose show is an immersive experience; she has toured across the UK and the US supporting artists such as Jack Garratt, Ady Suleiman, Allie X, BETSY, and Foxes. Her latest appearances include the Great Escape Festival in 2016, a sold out show in March at Brooklyns Union Pool, and SXSW 2017. To further reinforce her love for interactive shows, Ariana curates and performs at Light + Space, an immersive event that combines live music, theatre and a party in major cities around the world. Light + Space is the culmination of Arianas universe: shimmering music, cosmic visuals, and creating a disco home where everyone is welcome.

From her honest songwriting to her live performances, Ariana and the Roses purpose is clear: step into her starry universe, and leave your inhibitions at the door.