Artist bio

It is a well-worn joke in rock circles, "they are big in Japan." Rather than spending their time searching for fame, Baltimores Arbouretum has instead concentrated on honing their craft. It just so happens that the muse that guides them is completely outside of current rock trends. Like Richard Thompsons work from the mid-70s, the bands poetic lyrics and slow, heavy build are not stuff of the quick fix. Their music stands in stark contrast to a culture that is more about video and track placement than criticism and discourse. As such, it should come as no surprise that they have found success in the United Kingdom, Thompsons birthplace. Arbouretum has been praised in Mojo 4 star reviews that end with phrases like It just does not get much better, a Guardian piece proclaiming that they are One of the most distinctive voices around and an Uncut 4 star review calling the music Dense, thrilling and literate.