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If you were to Google the name AraabMuzik, you would discover many videos showing this music
producer hammering on an MPC as if he was Travis Barker on the drums. With his fast rhythmic touches
on the machine - while donning a New Era fitted, some might call it poetry in motion, others might say
its suicide on an MPC, but for the this producer its just another day on the job.

Born Abraham Orellana in Providence, RI, the middle child of two other siblings, he grew up with
affection for music starting at a very young age. Ive been drumming since the age of 3. When I
was around 10, I started getting into keyboard and producing my own music. Half Dominican and
Guatemalan, he confesses that his Hispanic heritage has influenced his music to a degree. With his mom
being a one-time professional singer, hes been around melodies and beats his entire life, however;
growing up in Providence its natural to assume Hip-Hop not having much of an influence in the city,
considering thats it sprawled so far away in New England. Theres definitely a lot of Hip-Hop here.
Youll find a lot of local rap groups, solo artists out here that are trying make it, its just the fact that
were not on the map like that just yet. Having found much success working with Dipset members
CamRon, Duke Da God, Hell Rell and others, hes also shopped beats to Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Cassidy,
Gucci Man, Young Dro and Fabolous. With his rapid beat making techniques, its easy to understand
why its getting him on shows from state to state because its amazing to see. Ive been getting booked
by clubs lately to do shows performing on my MPC live. Its something different and unique, and it
puts me in a position to be a trendsetter, but on the other hand - its allowing other producers in the
crowd to hear my sound and see what Im doing, but I dont think you can really duplicate what Im
doing. Putting a name on how to define his music and style is a daunting task, but under the fabric of
his beats still lies a blueprint from the influences of Dr. Dre, Swizz Beats, Alchemist, Just Blaze, Scram
Jones, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Hi-Tek, DJ Khalil and Heatmakers. These famous producers vicariously
helped in perfecting his craft to the point now that its a full time job. When I first started making
beats, I went from the keyboard to a software program and to an MPC. My motivation at that time
was just for the fact that I wanted to hear and make my own music. All my old beats on the keyboard
where like a good 3-4 minutes long and as I got better, so did the beats. Making new beats also seem
to come naturally. Im not the type that needs to smoke a blunt or have a drink to be creative. I just sit
down and think of what Im going to do or how Im going to do it. It doesnt take long, no more than ten
minutes for me to complete a beat. Its always like 10-15 minutes the most and then Im done.

As his talents continue to move him forward, dont ever think he plans leaving his hometown. Growing
up in Providence, I was blessed because I didnt have to go through a lot of the things that other people
that I know in places like Boston and New York had to go through. I was raised by both my mom and my
pops and theyre still together this day. Besides, it doesnt matter where Im from, just so long as the
people keep liking my beats - thats all that matters.

Source: Artist Site