Artist bio

Annuals formed in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2004, although members Adam Baker (singer/songwriter), Kenny Florence (guitar) and Mike Robinson (bass) had been friends and bandmates since childhood. This six-piece musical collective is rounded out by Zack Oden (drums/guitar), Anna Spence (piano/synth), and Nick Radford (drums). At the time of the band's inception, Annuals featured no members over the age of 22.

Drawing their influences from such artists as Mike Patton, Radiohead, Bjork, and Aphex Twin, Annuals create a personal blend of rock, pop, folk, and sonic experimentation (including the use of a sampler). Ace Fu Records took note of the band’s dynamic, multi-layered sound, and Annuals signed to the label in 2005. The band had already released several offerings on their own Terpsikhore Records label, and debut album Be He Me was released by Ace Fun on October 17, 2006.