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Boy band Angeles has been signed by Warner Music Latina, Billboard has learned.

The Cuban group, formed by ngel Rodriguez Quintero, Sian Chiong, Hansel Delgado and Mikel Korta Torres, now joins Warner's rooster who together with producer Sergio George will take their careers to an international level with a deal that includes distribution and promotion.

"Angeles is going to revolutionize Cuban pop music. No one has ever seen a boy band like them, theyre going to take over stages all over the world not only with their songs but also with their amazing live show that is very characteristic to all Cuban groups, said Grammy winner George in a statement announcing the signing.

Angeles is a new youth sensation in Cuba that has rolled up a string of successes in a short time. The group quickly attracted the attention of young fans, who in 2013 packed Havanas Coliseo de la Ciudad Deportiva de La Habana, breaking a new venue-record of 20,000 spectators.

"Its incredible that after five years of having a career in Cuba, we have managed to sign with Warner Music, said Angeles member Rodriguez. "It's something that leaves you speechless, at least for the Cuban musicians of the new generation."

Today (June 23) Angeles is releasing their first single in the U.S., Me Mata Tu Amor, a song that fuses pop and cubatn.

via Billboard