Andrew Johnston

Artist bio

Andrew Johnstons The Wake of the Wonder Years, is the story of a budding musicians journey throughout a very formative time in his career, and life.

Growing up in Ottawa and now calling Montreal home, Andrew has been releasing albums under his name, or the moniker Andrew Vs. the Enabler since 2006. Prior to that he was one of the driving forces in the critically acclaimed group The Gentlemans Club, and has also recorded and played with other artists, appearing on Jf Robitailles album Calendar.

On The Wake of the Wonder Years, Johnston goes above and beyond to grab your ear. With elements of 80s radio hits of years prior, touches of folk flare, and the influence of Andrews musical surroundings and peers in Montreal, Andrew creates a combination that is not only catchy but heartfelt. The ambitious and wide ranging productions on the album feature seasoned players such as George Donoso (High Dials), bassist Alexander Lapointe (Jason Bajada) and vocalist Amanda Mabro.

Beginning from the intriguing front cover, featuring a charred, fire-damaged photograph of Andrew and his wife at a friends dinner party, each track on The Wake of the Wonder Years tells a story. The photo was rescued from an apartment fire on Montreals plateau neighborhood, an event that occurred during a time of great change and adversity for Andrew, including the breakup of his bad, and falling out with old friends.

Out of the ashes Johnston has written a gorgeous album about what he describes as change and hardship. Its about realizing that maybe the years of mystery and wonder are behind you and that you have to learn to fight for the things you love. But ultimately there is a belief that if you work hard enough you can overcome times of adversity, says Andrew.