Andrea Caswell

Artist bio

Andrea Caswell has never been a neat and tidy singer-songwriter. She sings about messy relationships, messier break-ups and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty when dissecting the mangled human heart. Caswell's creative process is as messy as the break-ups she earnestly documents with her arrestingly beautiful voice. It was like that, even in the earliest of days. "I very clearly remember writing my first song," says Caswell. "I was probably four or five years old. I had a box of crayons and I was alone in our den, where the piano was. I started playing a melody on the piano that I thought was pretty. I wanted to remember the song, so I started writing a big letter N for note over each of the keys in different colours so I could remember the order. My mom was pissed. The Ns are still on that piano. Every time I visit, I try to figure out what the order of the keys might have been, but I can't." Caswell admits that most of the songs on her debut EP, Love and the Afters, were born of messy situations in her life. "Heartbreak definitely begets creativity for most peopleI definitely find myself being most creative when I'm going through an emotionally turbulent time."
Caswell has performed at a variety of Toronto venues including The Central, Not My Dog, Clinton's, Moonshine Caf, Rustic Cosmo and Free Times Caf. As for the creation of Love and the Afters, it was less a messy process than an impulse. "One day the songs just started coming, and they wouldn't stop. After a while, it really felt like I didn't have a choice anymore."