AM & Shawn Lee

Artist bio

La Musique Numerique (French for Digital Music) is the second full-length record from Los Angeles/ London electro soul duo AM & Shawn Lee. Drawing heavily on late 70's French library, 80's Italo Disco and Sleng Teng dancehall riddims, La Musique Numerique pays homage to the beginnings of the digital realm often employing recording equipment from the era (Simmons drums, period drum machines and first generation digital effects). Themes of the album address new love (Good Blood), addiction (Automatic) and worldwide economic bitterness (Two Times, SAlbyuffer Like Me) and faintly calls to mind The Clash, early Scritti Politti, Grace Jones, Tom Tom Club, and Sly & Robbie. Of course all of this is laced with AM & Shawn Lees funky, fun and psychedelic charisma.

"There is a definite charm to those early 80's digital effects, a certain crustiness...AM and myself were riding a magic carpet made by Casio circa 1981", says Lee. Made in between touring their debut album (Celestial Electric released on ESL Music), La Musique Numerique has a more focused sound...a more singular vision." The album is both fun and quirky and just happened to be where we both were at the time", says AM. "There was no discussion of direction. We seemed to be symmetrical in what we were both responding to musically."

Spring 2013, the sea-crossed duo are making their debut on Park The Van Records with La Musique Numerique (Digipack/ Limited Edition Vinyl). PTV is a boutique label known for a catalog of great records from Dr. Dog, Generationals, and The Spinto Band to Floating Action and Hes My Brother Shes My Sister.

AM & Shawn Lee met up in London, and later in L.A., where AM played guitar on a series of live gigs with Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra. As Lee recalls, "During that L.A. trip, we listened to a lot of music together and bonded over our mutual love of vintage French and Italian library and film music nuggets from the Finders Keepers record label. I suggested that we make an album together, and the rest is history." Celestial Electric, the pairs debut album, was an instant head turner and not only got critics excited, but also seemed to find its way into just about every deep cut record store across the world (you know, the ones that dont ever stock new releases.)
AM & Shawn Lee spent most of 2012 touring Celestial Electric in the U.S. and Europe to great reviews, and also performed at festivals in Holland, France, and the U.S. at Seattles Bumbershoot Festival, St. Pauls Rivers Edge, Hollands Motel Mozaique, and Frances Le Printemps De Bourges. Seattle Weekly describes them as one of the best live bands of the year and KEXP says AM & Shawn Lees music, make even the most hardened hipsters bob their head.
AM & Shawn Lees tune Somebody Like You went to #5 at Radio Nova which inspired three 2012 visits to France with performances at Radio Novas Les Nuits De Zebrees (sold out show for 1800 people), headlining performances at Nouveau Casino and David Lynchs Club Silencio, and a festival appearance at Le Printemps de Bourges.
New Orleans-bred, L.A.-based tunesmith AM has won widespread acclaim by merging pop, soul, folk, R&B and psychedelia into highly personalized songcraft. He has released several albums on various labels (including Future Sons & Daughters on Filter U.S. Recordings), he spent the last few years out on the road opening for AIR, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and legendary Brazilian tropicalia icon Caetano Veloso.
Kansas-born, London-based composer/producer/instrumentalist Shawn Lee has established a reputation as a mischievous sonic innovator and one of the most sampled artists in Hip Hop, releasing more than twenty genre-spanning albums of his original material, usually as Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra. He has recorded projects with artists such as Clutchy Hopkins, Saint Etienne, Arthur Verocai, Greyboy, Coldcut, Tony Joe White, Darondo, Money Mark and Tommy Guerrero and share the stage with bands such as Phoenix, Sigur Ros, Kings Of Convenience, and Bonnie Prince Billy. He is an award winning video game music composer and winner of the award for Best Original Music for the video game Bully (Gamespot) and nominated for Best Original Score from Spike VGA (video game awards).