Aeroplane Pageant

Artist bio

Aeroplane Pageant emerged on Long Island in 2005. Relentless practice, optimism and cooperation dissent solidified their arrival. Songwriter Brian Kelly and his childhood friends Chris Aguis, Mike Areephituk, Tim Watson and Erik Deangelis were eager to record professionally, so in less than a year they put to tape their fledgling EP, He Is Fire [Inner Flight Records]. The debut was well received and played on both traditional and internet radio.

Wave To The Moon is Aeroplane Pageant's first LP, ebbing and flowing between minimalist self-reflection and concerted punches. Produced by Shane Stoneback [Jack White, Perry Farrell and Slowlands] and mastered by Emily Lazar at the Lodge, the album's ten tracks infused with whimsical literacy with promise to affect both casual sway and eager nods. Each song highlights an oscillating mood indicative of what it means to be sentient in today's world-weary climate: the fragmentary nature of time, the frustrations and anxieties of modern life, the inefficiency of human memory, yet the comfort of the imagination and ultimately the desire to connect to others by way of song, spirit and humor.

The lot wrote and recorded through most of 2006. While sessions were underway in the heart of Times Square, they tested material at venues their native New York had to offer. The new works garnered warm receptions by crowds attending multiple performances at Manhattan's Mercury Lounge, The Annex and Piano's as well as Brooklyn's Southpaw and Union Pool…a rewarding year on stage as well as in the studio.