Adventure Galley

Artist bio

Reminiscent of so many bands of yesteryouth, muddled with our generations lazing indie spirit, Adventure Galley strikes a certain note of dance party agelessness. A monolithic keyboard facade made of an old radio stands boldly centered at their live show, the one steadfast bolt amidst wildly flying notes, dancing fans and soaring singalong melodies that are just too fitting for a band named after an old ship.

Adventure Galley are one of those brilliant bands that successfully manage to meld more than a few genres into one song, splicing together elements from all the bands we know and love, whilst creating something totally new at the same time.
-Gold Flake Paint

As you can imagine, electronically sonic rock jams are empowering and that is Adventure Galley.

Utilizing traditional rock instruments in combination with synthesizers, drum machines, and other electronic music staples, Adventure Galley creates highly original music and unforgettable melodies that will move you to dance until you can dance no more..

Adventure Galley recorded their debut EP "The Right Place To Be" at Jackpot! Studios in Portland, OR. It was released on May 7th, 2010 and is available online or at your local record shop. Their debut LP "Anywhere That's Wild" was recorded in Los Angeles at Kingsize Soundlabs with Dave Trumfio producing. It will be released in the future...