Artist bio

With sultry and erratic sounds like those of the band known as Menomena, Adrys music reaches fans throughout England, Italy, Germany, France, and the United States. Encompassing a wide variety of themes and motifs, the music of Adry transforms contemporary sounds and ignites a fire that is both radiant and welcoming to fans. The endearing aspects and well-crafted elements of rock music are combined with ambient sounds that emanate the balanced and creative sounds of Adrys music.

Adry is a producer as well as a singer/songwriter. He became the lead vocalist of a rock band as a teenager, and played guitar and bass to the sounds of music and lyrics that he himself wrote. The originality that spans through these stylistic techniques is encouraging and motivating. With sounds that are infused by inspirations such as Nirvana and John Lennon of The Beatles, there is no denying this artists pronounced recognition. His first album Rule of Sadness, was introduced to the world in 2009; with over thirty thousand Internet downloads, Adry became a hit over night. Since then, he has been performing in clubs all over the world and gaining a sense of self-awareness as an artist. It is with the anticipation of his new album Blue Lights, available Setpember 21st, that we see a reflective side of this artist who captures the eclectic aspects of what music is truly about.

"Janie" is a song about an obsessive lover who longs to be by the side of his true love. The video is set in a cartoon atmosphere, which makes it playful and fun to watch. There is a strong psychedelic vibe to both the video and the song that captures classic rock elements that many contemporary artists neglect. Within the video, we are shown the many obstacles that one endears in order to achieve love. However, there is a strong sense of the natural elements that keep loved ones apart. For instance, the main character must ignore, yet fight off these so-called obstacles within life in order to be next to his love, Janie. "Janie" represents the faults that exist within love, but it also shows a loveable side to this artist known as Adry.