'09 Holiday Special - Hosted By Tim Fite

Artist bio

It's that demented time of the year again. You know the one. Symptoms include witnessing your co-workers get ripped on the company nog, make a scene of themselves at the holiday party, and end up canoodling your bosses' elderly secretary. Awkward...

If you've been keeping up with Baeble, you know how much we love making a big to-do over this festive time of year. You might remember how we had Obama Girl prancing around in a red velvet Santa Suit last year. How could you forget? This year we've tapped into the maniacal, holiday cheer of one of our favorite performers, enlisting a helping hand from none other than Mr. Tim Fite!

It's 2009 edition of the Best of Baeble Music Holiday Special! As Tim says, "Everybody from Santa, to Rudolph, to Tiger Woods knows that Baeble is the best place for indie music on the web. So hey man, why don't you grab your mistress, come on down, settle down by the fire, and we'll enjoy some musical memories together." Oh yeah, might we suggest laying off the nog. It's for your own good. - David Pitz