Baeble Music is a Brooklyn-based music platform dedicated to providing high quality, originally produced video programming that extends far beyond its web-based home and its city borders. The Baeble Platform spans the Web, Video Apps, Smart TV's, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and now Cable TV in 50 markets.

With well-trained eyes focused on emerging music scenes, Baeble crafts unique, narrative portraits of prominent and up-and-coming artists and bands. Through its full length concert videos and intimate sessions, Baeble is revolutionizing the way music is consumed by providing free front-row tickets to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

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Made in Brooklyn, Global Reach

Made in Brooklyn, Global Reach


Contact Us

For all consideration please email the team at: editorial (at)

For All Video Content Inquiries:

David Pitz - Director of Video Content/Senior Producer When he's not too busy basking in the glory of the Chicago Cubs' recent, century-long drought-busting World Series Championship run, David Pitz oversees all programming for the Baeble Music Video Platform. If you are interested in pitching your artist for an upcoming video feature on the site (including sessions, concert films, interviews, and social videos) he can be reached at davidp (at)

For Marketing Inquiries and other odds and ends:

David Moffly - CEO David is the founder of Baeble Media. He is the big dog with a now a smaller office dog (Jupiter died for those of you who might miss him - This is his last cameo Jupiter's Epic Day. Hudson (a more compact pooch who loves the ladies and a warm spot on the couch) who can be seen roaming the office and in the occasional video, most recently stealing water from Jukebox The Ghost. While he enjoys boating and the occasional Yankees game, David spends most of his time working on business development and the growth of the Video Platform. Unlike the rest of the team who are all singers, artists and drummers, David only knows two songs half way through. So if you'd like to advertise, talk about sponsorship's, or hear him enthusiastically butcher these songs, you can email him at david.moffly (at)

India Allouche - Audience Development Coordinator Having lived in New York for most of her life, India Allouche considers herself a New Yorker minus the accent and attitude. If India isnt gossipping about the newest celebrity drama, she is probably writing and singing her own music. As Baebles Audience Development Coordinator, India does a little bit of everything - from handling analytics for the Baeble Blog, to running social media, to starring on WTF Weekly with Baebles Managing Editor, Kirsten Spruch. When India isnt in the office, she is probably somewhere else in the world, as traveling is her next passion after music. India is always looking to showcase new artists on Baebles social media platforms. To set up social media artist takeovers or general social media-related inquiries, please email her at india (at)

We hope you find your experience with the site to be easy, entertaining, and fun. However, if you are having problems with the site, - Please let us know.

Want to advertise on the Baeble Platform? Email advertising (at)


Editorial Internship:

We're always looking for intern candidates to work in our editorial/content department at Baeble HQ (located in Brooklyn NY). You will do a lot of writing; this internship is not about filling envelopes or annoying people. We are here to entertain and have fun doing something we all believe in: promoting new, interesting music.

Responsibilities include:

  • Providing a variety of original editorial work, including daily blog posts, artist features, album reviews, and concert recaps.
  • Preparing website copy
  • Providing a variety of web support for Baeble's expanding catalogue of live concerts and sessions
  • Assisting in various areas of video production when needed

Requirements: We're looking for interns who:

  • Are familiar and passionate for a wide variety of independent, emerging, and mainstream artists
  • Have (some) experience and natural passion for writing about new and upcoming music/artists
  • Enjoy interviewing artists, attending/reviewing shows, and listening to new albums on a regular basis
  • Are organized and able to meet deadlines on a regular basis

Video Production Internship:

We're also looking for intern candidates to work in our video department, assisting in the creation of originally produced, music-related video content for a variety of distribution destinations.

We are looking for candidates who have a passion for indie music, film, social media, and video production.

Duties include: shooting, editing, data wrangling, archive management, online data transfers, and assisting staff editors in anyway.

The ideal candidate will have at least some experience with operating a video camera, DSLR shooting, editing in FCP 7 and FCP X, and a basic understanding of the production process.

All candidates will be considered, regardless of experience. The most important asset is an interest in the content we create.

To apply for an internship, please email jobs (at)

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