Music Video - Chris Garneau - Chris Garneau

... Baeble First Play: The Emotive Cinematic Rock Grandeur of The Modern
Electric · New Order Explores A 'Restless' Fantasy · Beirut's Trash Filled Fantasy. 149k

Music Video - K - Chokolate Soda

Up and coming artist K (short for Kiran), is breaking onto the scene with
Chokolate Soda, a song with tons of attitude, innuendo, and bounce -- a la Lady
Gaga ... 148k

Music Video - Fleet Foxes - "Mykonos"

Crisp, cut out animation falling into place make for beautiful accompaniment to
this track from last year's Sun Giant EP. 147k

Belle And Sebastian - Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance

Jan 23, 2015 ... "The Everlasting Muse" is a polka tune that sort of sounds like Beirut. Then there's
the funk beat of "The Party Line," which is a safe bet to play at ... 140k

Panama Wedding on

Artist bio. Panama Wedding has quickly established itself as one of the most
promising rising indie artists with "All Of The People," a deliriously joyful pop
single ... 96k

Music Video - Chiddy Bang - Opposite of Adults

Chiddy Bang's music video for their catchy song Opposite Adults will have you
longing for the carefree days of your childhood. 151k

Lili Kendall on

Artist bio. Any way you look at it, Lili Kendall has most definitely got something
going on. At just 15 years of age, this young artist has already experienced more
 ... 92k

Music Video - Smith Westerns - Weekend

The press release sells this one as a typical weekend for the baby-faced trio
Smith Westerns. Here, the Chicago band run amuck in their Midwest
surroundings, ... 150k

baeble's finest branch out on top of the world

Aug 22, 2008 ... Any chance to work with Shara Worden is a good one. Ryan Foregger, video
guru and official Baeble crew-member just finished up directing ... 125k

baeble's best albums of '08

Dec 22, 2008 ... The trumpet during the bridge makes the texture of the song vaguely Beirut, but
more grounded by the piano we heard in the beginning. 146k

That 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Epic Benefit Will Air On Showtime

Sep 25, 2013 ... Jack White, Marcus Mumford, Conor Oberst, and more will be performing this
weekend at the NYC benefit..... 125k

Deluka live video at Bowery Electric on Baeblemusic

Beirut's Trash Filled Fantasy · New Order Explores A 'Restless' Fantasy · Kelly
Clarkson Shows Lana Del Rey Up With A Cover Of 'Off To The Races' · Grace ... 153k

The Whip live video at McCarren Park on Baeblemusic

The Whip snap their way through a pulsating piece of sonic delight at Brooklyn's
McCarren Park Pool. 153k

HAIM Covers Beyonce's 'XO'

Feb 25, 2014 ... Beirut Is Back ... monsters and men beneath the skin · of monsters and men
beneath the skin · beirut is back · the summer of the modern electric ... 157k

better know a live music organization: songcircle

Nov 17, 2010 ... ... Stop For Rush: Saying Farewell To Kings · album review: beirut · Damien Rice
Totally Loses His Shit In 'I Don't Want To Change You' Video ... 124k


Beirut Is Back · The Summer Of The Modern Electric · That's A Wrap: Elliphant
Wows With Scandinavian Charm · The 10 Best Majestic Casual Remixes. 102k

remember the lucksmiths: sunlight in a jar

Jul 16, 2009 ... There was always something about the Lucksmiths, the simplistic beauty and
unbelievable wit and pop perfection of their music. Those songs ... 126k

Will Sheff on

The Mowgli's: A Front Row Encounter · Sara Bareilles - Brave - Live At Sleep No
More · S O H N - Live at Hype Machine's Hype Hotel · Beirut at Music Hall of ... 104k

week in tv

Feb 7, 2011 ... Beirut's Trash Filled Fantasy · New Order Explores A 'Restless' Fantasy · Kelly
Clarkson Shows Lana Del Rey Up With A Cover Of 'Off To The ... 123k

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