Watch: Foster The People Go Acoustic

  • Posted by: Gabby Green

Foster The People proves that they can easily shift from hypercatchy electro-pop to soft acoustics in a live performance of "Pumped Up Kicks." Stripped from his typical falsetto and the vocal tweaking of a studio recording, Mark Foster's natural voice shines through during the chorus. Based on this performance, Foster The People seems comfortable enough to create an entire album on acoustic songs alone. The only thing that seems slightly atypical of Foster The People in this performance is their lack of overwhelming grinning that we saw in the "Pumped Up Kicks" music video.

Check out the acoustic set at The Bing Lounge, filmed by our new friends 101.9 KINK FM in Portland, OR.

Check out our full concert video with Foster The People at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Watch the full video at

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